1. An evergreen shrub or small tree, Pistacia lentiscus, native to the Mediterranean.
  2. A hard, brittle, aromatic and transparent resin produced by this tree and used to make varnishes and chewing gum.
  3. A flexible, waterproof cement used as an adhesive, sealant or filler.

6 letters in word "mastic": A C I M S T.

Anagrams of mastic:

Words found within mastic:

act acts ai aim aims ais ait aits am ami amis as asci at cam cami camis cams cast cat cats cis cist cit cits is ism it ita itas its ma mac macs maist mas mast mat mats mi mic mica micas mics mis mist sac sai saic saim sam sat sati scam scat si sic sim sima sit sma smit st ta tai tais tam tamis tams tas ti tic tics tis

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